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Chris Sales Early Dominance

Chris Sale Justin Rocke/via


Chris Sale has made six starts so far for the Boston Red Sox, and he has been nearly untouchable in every start. Chris Sale has given The Red Sox and their fan base exactly what they wanted. Especially with David Price being out for a long period of time.They couldn’t afford Sale to slack at all, and he has done the exact opposite. Chris Sale and his dominance, with proper run support can transition into a win every time he starts. That is exactly what the Red Sox need, while Porcello continues to work into his groove. The Red Sox starting rotation will only get better as the season goes on.


Chris Sale’s stats

Like I stated earlier in the article, Chris Sale has been as dominant as you want a starting pitcher to be. He only leads the league in one category, and that is strikeouts. He leads the MLB with 63, second is Clayton Kershaw with 53. Strikeouts is a good category to lead in especially when you’re averaging 10 strikeouts a start. His ERA of 1.38 is good enough for third best in the league. Behind- The Royals, Jason Vargas with a 1.19 and The Twins, Ervin Santana with a 0.66. His WHIP also marks at second best in the league with a 0.74, Ervin Santana also leads the league in WHIP with a 0.71. He then marks second in the league again with a BAA of .166, and who leads the MLB in BAA? Yep, you guessed it Ervin Santana with a .120.


Predictions moving forward

I don’t see Chris Sale slowing down anytime soon, it’s kind of hard to imagine that happening in the near future. Although, I do see his ERA rising up into the 2’s but I can’t see him going anywhere higher than a 2.50 ERA. As for the BAA, I can see his BAA of .166 staying consistent throughout the season. His slider is one of the more dominant sliders in the game. Along with a high heater and his lanky delivery offers a different look at batters. So if Chris Sale were to stay as consistent as he has been all season. I can see a definite Cy Young award coming his way at the end of the season.