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Eduardo Rodriguez Returns In Toronto

Eduardo Rodriguez Vincent or Justin Rinaldi/via


Eduardo Rodriguez Returns In Toronto

The Red Sox pitcher, Eduardo Rodriguez has had some good numbers in 11 starts, although his starts were limited due to a lengthy DL stint. Rodriguez is back and is looking to make an impact on the starting rotation. The Red Sox are 4-6 in their last 10 games and should be able to get some wins in the coming games. His first game back will be a tough one. He goes up against the Toronto Blue Jays, and opposing him is the strikeout machine, Marcus Stroman. So, let’s hope he can get a win tonight, and help the Red Sox get a sizable lead in the division.


Eduardo Rodriguez

The 24-year-old left hander, Eduardo Rodriguez has put up some middle of the pack numbers so far. Although he plans on coming back tonight against the Blue Jays and plans to make a splash. The ERA is nothing eye popping standing at a manageable 3.54 good enough for 21st in the league in ERA. Like David Price, Rodriguez will be a welcomed addition back to the lineup. His WHIP of 1.15 is what really pops out to me, that 1.15 ranks him at 16th in the league. It may take a few starts to get him back in the groove of things. When he does though, it will be a wondrous second half of the season.


What could this mean for the Red Sox? 

The Red Sox already have the third best team ERA in the league, and having Rodriguez back will only help. The experts always say ” you can never have too much pitching” and that is exactly right. The Red Sox, 1-5, may have the best rotation in baseball. A long with an offense that ranks 10th in the league in runs. The Red Sox are making a very good case for “best team in MLB”. Although we won’t know until the end of the season when all 162 games have been played. So, let’s hope for an amazing stretch of starts from Rodriguez, propelling the Red Sox to a no doubt post season appearance.