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Kyle Hendricks Takes The Mound.

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 Kyle Hendricks Takes The Mound

The Professor will take the mound tonight with his 3rd start from coming off the DL after dealing with tendinitis in his throwing hand. The league’s ERA leader in 2016 had some trouble in his first couple starts back, but now he is looking like his 2016 form. It couldn’t have come any sooner seeing that the Cubs are in a tight race with the Milwaukee Brewers. After the series with the Cardinals, the Brewers opened up their lead in the division. That’s where Kyle Hendricks comes into play. The Cubs are looking to him to shut down the Braves offense that ranks 6th in the league in team AVG.


Starting Pitcher comparison  

Definitely the better of the two starting pitchers, Kyle Hendricks hasn’t had much playing time this season. The ERA isn’t as good as in 2016. Although it is still enough to consider him a top pitcher in the league. With a 3.45 ERA in 101.2 IP and 18 starts. The ERA is where you want it to be after coming back from the DL. The WHIP is a tad high at 1.24. On the other side Sean Newcomb gets the nod for the start. He’s not exactly what you would call a “quality” pitcher.

In 14 starts Newcomb is sitting on a 4.36 ERA with a dismal 2-7 W-L record. Although the number of strikeouts he has is quite surprising in just 74.1 IP. He has 76 strikeouts, which suggest at least 1 strikeout an inning for him. If he got the ERA down a run, he is someone the Braves could use in a rotation that struggled. Ranking 23rd in the league in team ERA with a 4.73.



What does this start mean for Hendricks?

I’m not sure about everyone else, I think this could be the start where Hendricks turns into his 2016 form. The timing couldn’t be any better, the playoffs are just around the corner, and having the Professor at his best would be a huge boost. Normally after coming off an injury like Hendricks had, it normally takes a few starts for a pitcher to get back to his old self. A win today would boost Kyle’s confidence, and may see better action on his breaking pitches, and more life on his fastball.