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Marlins Players You Need to Know About

Marlins Bryan Green via flickr


These Marlins Need More Attention

When you hear the Miami Marlins what is the first thing that comes to mind? You probably thought about Giancarlo Stanton, Dee Gordon, or Christian Yelich. They are great players, but without J.T Realmuto, Justin Bour and Marcell Ozuna it would be even harder for the Marlins to win. The Marlins finished 3 games under .500 last season, which is pretty good for them. The team has not finished at least .500 in the past 7 seasons. Those three players held key roles in making the Marlins a better team last season. If the team keeps the same core group of players and add some pitchers, they will be playoff contenders. Here is a breakdown of these three players and predictions for how they are going to finish the season.

J.T Realmuto

In his third Major League season, Realmuto is tearing the cover off the ball. He is 2nd among catchers in average (.300), On base percentage (.364) and Hits (48), as he trails only Buster Posey in every one of those categories. J.T also had a very good season in 2016 as he finished 3rd among catchers in average (.303) and hits (154), while stealing the most bases among major league catchers (12). He is proving himself to be one of the leagues best catchers with a bat in his hand. Look for J.T to make his first all-star appearance soon.

2017 prediction: BA .304  OBP .368  SLG .443  HR 13  RBI 54


Justin Bour

Just like Realmuto, Bour is in his third major league season. Justin was set back by injury as he sprained his ankle last July, which caused him to miss two months of the season. He has been showing off his power hitting abilities ever since his rookie year. The slugger hit 23 HR as a rookie and finished 5th in rookie of the year voting behind a loaded 2015 rookie class. While he also led the Marlins with 73 RBI’s in his rookie season. Bour was on pace for 27 HRs and 92 RBI’s last season but was only able to play 90 games because of the injury. The Marlins have a first baseman hungry to prove the world he could rake as long as he stays healthy this season.

2017 prediction: BA .273  OBP .358  SLG .538  HR 33 RBI 102


Marcell Ozuna

Ozuna is one of four current Marlins players that have been selected to an All-star game. He has proven to be a successful outfielder, but is constantly overlooked because of Stanton and Yelich, who patrol the same outfield grass. In 2014 and 2016 “the big bear” hit 23 HR  as he had 2 solid seasons sandwiched between a difficult 2015. That season saw a stretch where he went 1-36, before being sent to AAA. A strong comeback in 2016 had the outfielder making his first all-star appearance. Off to a very fast start in 2017, Ozuna is a top 3 left fielder in BA (.306), OBP (.378), RBI (35).

2017 prediction: BA; .298  OBP . 376  SLG . 541  HR 28 RBI 96