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Wainwright is Back

Adam Wainwright Jeremiah Cox/ via


Adam Wainwright started off this season on the wrong foot, in a big way.  For a while, he seemed to be the weak link in the rotation.  Through seven starts, Waino recorded only two wins.  He only recorded six or more innings once, and carried a 6.37 ERA.  However, he has looked like the Wainwright of old, in his last four starts.

Adam Wainwright is Back, for Now.

Since May 14, Adam has started four games.  He has gone six or more innings in all four of those games.  He also won all four contests, allowing just one run, in 26 1/3 IP.  His ERA has come all the way down, from 6.37, to a respectable 3.79.  This winning streak has improved his record to 6-3.

Cause for Concern

Wainwright has definitely looked sharp, in his starts, since mid-May.  However, he had a stretch very similar to this last year, and eventually came back down to earth.  Last July, Waino had a streak of three wins in a row, followed by a no decision, where he went six innings, only allowing two runs.  During the streak, he only gave up three runs, recorded a complete game shutout, and went at least six innings, in all four starts.

Unfortunately, he was unable to sustain this success.  His next seven starts, only garnered him three decisions, all losses.  His ERA climbed from an already mediocre 4.09, to 4.53, reaching as high as 4.71, at one point.  He would not improve, either, ending with just four more victories, and a 4.62 ERA.

What to Expect

I think Wainwright has finally turned things around, for good.  I could be wrong, but I will give you my reasoning, for why I think the old Waino is back.

When Wainwright had his streak, last season, it came against the Brewers, the Pirates, the Marlins, and the Padres.  These four teams all had one thing in common, a sub .500 record.  This recent streak, however, has been a different story.  In his last four starts, Adam has faced the defending World Champion Cubs, the Giants, the Rockies (33-22), and the Los Angeles Dodgers (33-21).  Three of the four are in the top two of their respective divisions, with San Francisco being the exception.

Wainwright may have a bad game in his very next outing, but from what I can see, he should be just fine.  I think the former Cardinal ace is back, and he is back to stay.