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Chicago Cubs Offensive Struggles, and How They Can Fix It

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Chicago Cubs Offensive Struggles, and How They Can Fix It

The defending World Series Champions Chicago Cubs have had a rocky start to the season, and it’s leaving many worried. After 61 games the Chicago Cubs are 30-31, and don’t even place in the top 5 in most offensive categories. Compared to last season coming into 2017 expectations were maybe a tad too high.

A very young team with a team age average of 28.8. As everyone knows there is such a thing as a ” World Series hangover” and I think with how young the players are they don’t quite know how to deal with the situation. Which may have something to do with the lack of consistent winning.



The offense hasn’t been able to produce as often as they were last year. With a run differential of +8 isn’t very comforting compared to last season. I think it may be a combination of; trying to bat Schwarber at lead off, and not giving Jon Jay more playing time. Batting .293 in 99 at bats with 10 RBIs, I see him having a major impact, on the starting lineup with him being a veteran. A good outfielder with good range, speed and route efficiency.

The biggest problem with the offense so far is leaving men stranded. It almost reminds me of the Cubs early in the 2010’s. It’s still early in the season so I don’t see it dragging on much longer. If anything we will see a major turn around after the all star break.


How to fix the problems

The first problem I want to address is the lead off man. I have always wanted to see Zobrist in the lead off spot on a day to day basis. To me he is the smartest hitter on the Cubs and also has the best batter’s eye. The fact that he is a switch hitter will make it easier for Joe Maddon to asses match ups. The other problem I have seen is where to place Schwarber? He seemed to do decent in the 9 spot and gives a good chance to turn over the lineup.

Now, as for the cleanup spot I think it would be nice to see Rizzo stay there consistently. Then giving Jay more playing time I could see him batting third to protect Kris Bryant. Having Zobrist leading off with great contact ability, then Bryant with amazing home run potential. Then all over again with Jon Jay and Anthony Rizzo.


What to expect

If the Cubs don’t get their game together by the all star break. After they come back I have a strong feeling they will be back and better than ever. One can only hope for these things to happen. Until then we will have to keep the faith that we carried with us over the past 109 years. If they can turn everything around it may be one of the most improbable second half urn around’s we have ever seen. Which could be enough to propel them to another World Series trophy.