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Jedd Gyorko is Having A Career Year

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Jedd Gyorko is Having A Career Year

Jedd Gyorko may be the Cardinals’ MVP, and lone deserving All-Star this season.  This also may be the best year of his, somewhat young, career.  Gyorko made his Major League debut in 2013, with the San Diego Padres.  Since then, he has never hit above .250, has a career high of 63 RBI, and until last season had never hit 30 home runs. He has also never played in more than 128 games, a number he’s reached in the previous two seasons.

2017 Jedd Gyorko

This season, Gyorko has played exceptionally well.  He is on pace to play in 140 games, and with this current roster, he may surpass that number.  His home run Wednesday night, his 11th, also put him on pace to hit 25 this season.  And after seeing his second half, last season, he may easily hit 30, for the second straight season.  Gyorko also has 31 RBIs, through 70 games, which puts him on the way to 70+, a number he has never reached.  He has walked more this season, than in any other, as well.  His OBP is at a career high, of .347, and his OPS is a respectable .861.

Jedd has shined on the defensive side of the ball as well.  He has played a solid, and even outstanding at times, third base, since Peralta went to the DL, and was later released.  In 143 chances at third, Gyorko has only committed three errors, which gives him a .979 fielding percentage.  That doesn’t rank with the tops in the league, but it is certainly more than serviceable.  He has also played first base, second base, and left field, for the Cardinals this season.

What He Means to the Cardinals

Gyorko has provided the Cardinals an everyday third baseman, who they do not have to worry about costing the team runs, and who will be productive at the plate.  In the order, he has been a great plug-in clean-up hitter, until the front office finds someone more fit for the job.  If it were not for Jedd Gyorko’s ability to play all over the diamond, and continuously put together good at-bats, the Cardinals may be worse off than they are right now.