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Do the Marlins Need To Rebuild, Again?

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Do the Marlins Need To Rebuild, Again?

Their Season So Far

The Miami Marlins gave their fans much to look forward to in the first month of the season. They kicked off the 2017 campaign going 11-12 in April and it seemed like they could finally squeeze into a wild card spot this year. Now that seems like a distant memory as the team is 5-17 in the month of May and 10 games back of the wild card.

The organization has not been able to find the ace their pitching staff needs since the death of Jose Fernandez.  They have started 9 different pitchers this year and none of them have an ERA under 3.00. The free agent market for top of the line starting pitchers is weak. Expect the front office to be making trades in the next few years for solid pitching prospects.

Farm System

How does any team undergo a successful rebuilding process? Well, it all begins with their prospects. The Marlins have one of the weakest farm systems in the MLB and they are in desperate need of some talent. On the bright side, they have some solid big league players with team friendly contracts and they rank among the bottom of the league in payroll. With that being said, here are some possible trade scenarios.

Possible Trades

Marlins receive                                   Astros receive

David Paulino-RHP (#3 prospect for Astros)                         Marcell Ozuna-OF

Teoscar Henandez-OF (#7 prospect for Astros)

This trade makes sense for many reasons, Paulino is already in AAA and is 23 years old. Which makes it easier for the Marlins to put him in the rotation right away. The Astros will receive an outfielder who is playing at an all-star level this year.

Marlins receive                                    White Sox receive

Jose Quintana-LHP                                                                Christian Yelich-OF

Reynaldo Lopez-RHP (#39 overall prospect)

Luis Alexander Basabe (#8 prospect for White Sox)

Quintana is the top of the line starter that the Marlins need and Reynaldo Lopez is the #9 RHP prospect. The White Sox still have enough prospects to ship off the two pitchers for a 25 year old Yelich who has 6 years left on his contract.

Marlins receive                                   Rays Receive

Alex Cobb-RHP                                                                     Dee Gordon-2B

Jose De Leon-RHP (#28 overall prospect)                           Tyler Kolek-RHP (marlins #2 prospect)

Much like the White Sox trade, the Marlins would acquire a great pitcher to help out the rotation. While also getting a 24 year old pitcher who was moved up to AAA this season and will soon be ready to make his big league debut. The Marlins have J.T Riddle and Derek Dietrich ready to replace Gordon at second.