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Cubs Bullpen Crucial In Postseason Hopes

Cubs Bullpen John Casey - Via - Flickr


Cubs Bullpen Crucial In Postseason Hopes

The Cubs have had a very odd season all year round it seems. Each stage of their game has had their ups and their downs. Although I don’t think any stage has been as consistent as the Cubs bullpen. Filled with a lot of guys who have potential to shut things down late in games. With guys like; Wade Davis, Carl Edwards Jr., Mike Mongomery, Brian Duensing and Pedro Strop. All these guys will have to be at their best to give the Cubs their best chance at clinching a postseason spot. Especially with all the injuries and struggles that had made its way through the entire lineup.


Bullpen statistics

After diving into some of the stats for the Cubs bullpen, they seem to rank in the middle of the pack in the MLB. Somehow though when we see them come in, in relief spots they always seem to get the job done. I think one of the stats the Cubs pen ranks higher in could be big as the season goes on. The Cubs pen ranks 4th in the league in  K/9 with 9.96. Think about that, that’s their bullpen numbers. Especially when the pen only has to cover 3-4 IP,  which would explain the Ks seeing they rank 13th in the league in IP. Another statistic that has to make you feel a lot better is their pen ERA which ranks 8th best in the league at 3.86. Finally my favorite stat, ranking 5th in the league in strikeouts with 580. So, their pen seems to rank in good places where it matters most.


Effect on postseason hopes

With all the injuries and struggles to the starting rotation, Joe Maddon had to rely on the Cubs pen a lot as of late. With Lester and his string of bad starts to Jake and him just coming off the DL, Joe is going to have to be careful with Jake over his next two starts. Hendricks seems to be improving since coming back from his DL stint. Since the month of July Kyle has had under a 3.00 ERA in all three months. In July Kyle compiled an ERA of 1.93, in August he held a 2.41 and in the month of September he has a 2.66. So, I feel very good about Kyle moving forward. Jose Quintana has started to look a lot better in his last couple starts. Compared to when he came over in July when he posted an odd 3.45 ERA. As of September though he has a magnificent 2.41. So, the rotation has its strengths and its weaknesses, but overall for the best chances of making it. Let’s hope the Cubs bullpen can keep producing they way they have been lately.