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Cubs Bullpen Continues To Struggle In Game 1

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Cubs Bullpen Continues To Struggle In Game 1

Yet again in Game 1 of the NLCS, the Cubs bullpen struggled to get an out. Giving up three runs after Quintana exited in the 5th with a 2-2 tie. This is a trend that seems to be happening more frequently and no one seems to be able to get an easy out. Always seems like the starters keep us in the game, then the bullpen seems to crack under the pressure. Whatever it is, the Cubs bullpen needs to figure themselves out, having a bullpen ERA of over 6 in the NLDS is no way to make it back to the World Series.


Cubs scoring summary

The Cubs had early success against Kershaw, getting a lot of hard contacts and seeing the ball very well. Kershaw ended up giving up 4 hits and 2 earned runs. His night ended early in the 5th due to a high pitch count, and just not being able to get the job done. His location seemed off and was giving up nothing but hard contact. The Cubs did all their scoring in the 4th, although it came and went in a flash. Wilson Contreras lead off the inning with a sharp line drive single up the middle. Which brought Almora to the plate with a man on and no outs, then on a 3-2 count Almora drilled a line drive home run to left field. In which left in an absolute hurry to put the Cubs up 2-0 early in the game. Although that’s all they were able to get in the game, losing game 1 5-2.


Cubs bullpen struggled yet again

After a very rough NLDS, Cubs fans were hoping the Cubs pen would turn themselves around. Although that didn’t happen, and we still have to worry about their woes. Over the past couple of games, it seems that not a person can just simply get an out without giving up a run. What I thought was the most consistent part of our game all season, now may be our Achilles heel along with the offense. In the NLDS the Cubs bullpen struggled and it showed with an ERA over 6. I don’t see a healthy turn around anytime soon which worries me for the series. If the Cubs bullpen can’t start performing. This is going to be a very short NLCS for the Cubs. Although if that does indeed happen, it’s not the Dodgers who beat the Cubs. The Cubs simply beat themselves.