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Cubs Face Off against Nationals In The NLDS

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Cubs Face Off Against Nationals In The NLDS

Last night the Chicago Cubs faced off against the St. Louis Cardinals to clinch a spot in the NLDS, after a 5-1 win at Busch Stadium. I don’t think clinching anywhere else (besides Wrigley) would have felt half as good as it was to clinch on the Cardinals home turf. Winning the N.L. Central for the second year in a row, and advancing to the playoffs for the third consecutive year. It really is an amazing time to be a Cubs fan, and let’s not think that we are limited to just last year and this year. There is a lot of player control on this team, and won’t have to make many major decisions until 2021. When most guys contracts are up. Now, the Cubs face off against the Nationals in the NLDS.



Last year the Cubs got lucky in the NLDS having to face the Giants instead of the Nationals. Probably the most complete team in the playoffs. Easily the best pitching rotation in the league. With guys like Strasburg(2.63 ERA) Gio Gonzalez(2.75 ERA) and of course the great Max Scherzer(2.55 ERA). A rotation like that is not easy to overcome by any means. Also could give the Cubs a run for their money, if the offense slumps at any point in the series. Along with a very dangerous lineup 1-9. The Nationals are truly a complete team all the way around


Although, the Cubs are the defending World Series Champions for a reason. I can’t see them getting swept no matter the situation. It will be a very competitive series all the way through. As for the victor in the series, that will have to be played out, because these two teams are just so evenly matched. Until then, let’s just enjoy the final months of being able to say ‘The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions”