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Cubs Release Nicknames For Players Weekend

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Cubs Release Nicknames For Players Weekend

For the past few years, Major League Baseball has been really trying to get more people to watch and get interested in the game of Baseball. There are many different events that go on; the HR derby, all star game, and of course the World Series. What else though could make the game more interesting to the younger generation? The MLB has been pondering that question for a long time, and they have finally come up with something fun. From August 25-27th all 30 teams will get new fresh uniforms, and yep you guessed it nicknames on their jerseys!



The thought of having nicknames on the back of players jerseys is a fresh, new and fun idea for everyone that loves baseball. The nicknames can vary from the most cleverly thought out to the simplest of names. As for the Cubs, they released the list of names and I have got to say the Cubs have some good names. Names range from Zorilla to Lester and KB to Tony. I think this is something that can make the MLB a little more fun to watch, unlike their counterpart the NFL.


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Future Player Weekends

If this can work out, I can see the MLB doing other things like this to kind of make the mood around the MLB lighting up. No one knows how much of an impact this Players Weekend will be, but if it does work we could see a lot more fun and whacky themes throughout the MLB and not just the Cubs. It seems that Rob Manfred has taken a page out of Joe Maddon’s play book. A way to brighten everyone’s mood and potentially reduce the stress in a lot of players heads. Which could result in better games and more excitement on the mound and in the batters box. So, to say the least I can’t wait for this Players Weekend to come around and let the fun and games commence.