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Cubs Release Chris Bosio As Pitching Coach

Cubs release Chris Bosio Franz P - Via - Flickr


Cubs Release Chris Bosio As Pitching Coach

Several days after losing the NLCS to the LA Dodgers, the Cubs release Chris Bosio as their pitching coach. This move came as somewhat of a shocker. Bosio was apart of the Chicago Cubs since 2011, he has been there for the best and the worst of times. There wasn’t much in the sense of success early in his early work with the Cubs. It took until 2015 for the Cubs starting Pitching to finally take off. Placing 3rd in the league in team ERA in 2015 with a 3.36 ERA. In 2016 the Cubs lead the league in team ERA with a dazzling 3.15. While also leading the league in WHIP and BAA. So, there really wasn’t any thought of Bosio being released anywhere in my mind.


The Walks

The number of walks Cubs pitching gave up this season could have been a big reason for their NLCS shortcomings. Placing 8th in the regular season in walks with 55 isn’t something that is going to give you a second World Series appearance. In the Postseason this year, the Cubs gave up an overwhelming 53 walks in just 10 games. That’s an average of 5 walks a game. Which is something that is completely unacceptable from a team that won 103 games last season. While also leading the league in the 3 most important pitching categories. The walks are the only reason I can see why Chris Bosio was let go by the Cubs.


Finding a new pitching coach

There are a lot of quality pitching coaches in the MLB, but finding the right fit for your team is the hard part. The Cubs need someone who can talk and relate to the pitchers, especially Jon Lester who can unravel at any moment in a game. The one that comes to mind is Mike Maddux of the Washington Nationals. Maddux is said to be one of  the great “mental skills expert” which is something that Joe is very big on. Since 2015 the Washginton Nationals have had in my eyes. The greatest pitching rotation on earth, with guys like Scherzer down to Gonzalez.

Maddux in my eyes would be the perfect fit for this young in experienced pitching rotation. Hopefully if the Cubs are able to sign him. He would be able to strengthen the bullpen for another late October run into the postseason.