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Cubs sign Brandon Morrow To A 2 Year Contract

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Cubs Sign Brandon Morrow To A 2 Year Contract

The Cubs sign Brandon Morrow, a relief pitcher from the Dodgers, to a 2 year contract worth 21 million with a $3 Million buy out or a $12 million vesting option for 2020. Signing a guy like Morrow who is already a proven relief pitcher in the MLB, will work wonders for the struggling Cubs bullpen. Of course the bullpen still isn’t fully complete seeing that the Cubs still need an effective closer. After that, they should yet again have an effective bullpen that can hold the leads and get saves.


Brandon Morrow in 2017

One of the best relievers in the 2017 season, Brandon Morrow posted very attractive numbers all the way down the line. Appearing in 45 games posting a 6-0 W-L record on the season. Brandon Morrow has become a very reliable person to turn to, to keep a lead late. Posting a 2.06 ERA and a WHIP of 0.95. And also not allowing a single home run all season, and striking out 50 while walking just 9, resulting in a K/BB of 5.56. He certainly is an exciting pickup this offseason, and maybe the biggest difference maker for our bullpen.


I don’t think it’s impossible if Brandon Morrow got the closer role, if the Cubs don’t try and acquire another reliever. However I don’t think it would be a bad idea to give him a chance at being the closer. While putting Carl Edward in the set up spot, grooming him to be a closer eventually one day. Whatever happens with Morrow, he is a safe bet in any spot he is put in. Which should make Cubs fans comfortable knowing they have a versatile player like Morrow for late game save opportunities, or even extended relief if a starter doesn’t have a good game. So, let’s hope he lives up to the high expectations we all have for this excellent player.