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The Legend Of El Mago – Javier Baez

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The Legend Of El Mago – Javier Baez

Every Cubs fan knew they had something special in Javier Baez when he first got called up to the Chicago Cubs. Although I don’t think any of us were expecting what we have seen from him in the past couple seasons. It’s almost as if it’s on a daily basis, and it seems so effortless to him. His great speed, quick hands, and even faster tagging abilities. A long with the dozens of unbelievable plays he makes time and time again. Makes him in my eyes the best infielder in all of the MLB. Cubs fans know it, now its time for the rest of the MLB’s fan bases to see it.


El Mago

El Mago means Magician in Spanish, and that is the nickname that has been given to Javier Baez. It is the perfect nickname for him. Some of the plays he makes are eye popping and most can’t figure out how he does it so effortlessly. From making a magnificent play on a ball hit over 100 mph on one bounce to pulling an unassisted double play unlike any other, and he’s only 24 years old when he is fully matured. There is no doubt he will be a human highlight reel on a daily basis.


Even when he is just popping out or even striking out. Baez always seems to have that flair to everything he does. This second half of the season for him is really starting to speak volumes, and in my eyes is definitely worthy of a gold glove at the end of the season. It’s going to interesting to see what Mr. Baez has in store for us in the future. A player like Javier Baez doesn’t come around very often. He’s a once in a lifetime defender, and none of us will see anyone make the plays that Jaiver Baez can make. So, here”s to El Mago, and the legend that is building right before our very eyes.