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Kris Bryant staying hot and getting hotter

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                           Kris Bryant staying hot and getting hotter



One of the top players in the league, Kris Bryant is starting to look like his 2016 self. Getting base hit after base hit, driving in runs and striking out a whole lot less. He is starting to heat up at the right time too, seeing that the end of the season is closing in. Having all the contribution we can get will be key to another World Series run. So, lets dive a little deeper and look into the rising numbers that Kris Bryant has been able to put up as of lately.


Kris Bryant

Rookie of the Year, 2016 MVP and World Series champion in just his third season. It seems like he has achieved almost everything already in such a short amount of time. That is why I was a tad concerned about his play up until about 10 games ago. Its good to see him making a dramatic turn for the better, which could really help his chances at another MVP candidacy. Although it may be to late in the season for him to make any sort of comeback in the MVP polls. Before the ASB Bryant was batting a uncharacteristic .269. Since then he has been batting .357 his OBP has even risen dramatically. .399 before the ASB after a impressive .422. The runs, RBIs, H and HR aren’t as high, but by the end of the season he will have MVP numbers.


Back to Back MVPs?

I stated earlier, it may not be possible this late for Bryant to make a resurgence in the MVP voting. Although it is Baseball, which means it’s not the craziest thought in the world. There is a lot of tough competition, in Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton and possibly Ryan Zimmerman. A Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant MVP voting would be quite the spectacle to see. Whatever happens happens, whoever wins certainly deserved the award. Although it would be nice to see Bryant win another MVP award.