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Who Will Make The Cubs Playoff Roster?

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Who Will Make The Cubs Playoff Roster?

Making the playoffs is always a great thing to happen to any team. Although aside from winning the World Series, the hardest part is figuring out who makes the playoff roster and who doesn’t. Especially on a team like the Cubs who is chalk full of amazing player, and amazing depth. It will definitely give Joe Maddon a lot to think about with the playoffs coming up. There are a couple names that come to mind when talking about who doesn’t make the team.

Hector Rondon

Hector, was a big part of the Cubs bullpen in 2015, collecting a 1.67 ERA in 72 appearances. While going 30-34 in save opportunities. Ever since that year, Hector has been dealing with injury problems and command issues. In 2016 he acquired an upsetting 3.53 and so far in 2017 has an odd 4.50. While going 0-3 in save opportunities, I can’t see him making the roster, especially with the signing of Wade Davis as the closer. While Strop, Edwards, and Montgomery have held down the pen as of late. So, consider Rondon a clear cut from the playoff roster.


Justin Wilson

I think this one may be the most obvious player to not make the playoff roster. Coming over from Detroit in a trade that sent away the majority of the Cubs best prospects. A lot of us had high hopes for the reliever that came over with a 2.86 ERA. Since coming to the Cubs he has amassed a terrible 6.28 ERA in just 19 appearances and giving up 10 earned runs. So, I think this is the easiest cut to make when setting the playoff roster.


Rene Rivera

Rivera came over from the New York Mets after Wilson Contreras went on the DL. He was mainly going to be used as a backup to Alex Avila. Rivera has played in 18 games since coming to Chicago, in which he is batting .251 with 5 doubles in only 37 plate appearances. He has done very well since coming to the Cubs, but having Contreras back and Avila playing even better than Rivera. So, by process of elimination Rivera get the short end of the stick, and will not make the playoff roster.


Koji Uehara

Just like Rondon, Uehara has dealt with a tremendous amount of injury-related problems. For that reason, and the fact that he has had a lot of trouble keeping leads late in games. He’s a pitcher that is at the end of his career at, 42 years old. He may not return to the Cubs next season or any team for that matter. He’s just a guy trying to win another World Series title. Hopefully, the Cubs are able to deliver on what he is looking for. If not he retires with an impressive 2.66 career ERA.