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The NL Central Race Tightens Up

NL Central Race Tightens Butler University Photos - Via - Flickr


                                   The NL Central Race Tightens Up

NL Central race tightens. After beating the Cardinals today by a score of 8-2, the Chicago Cubs increased their slim lead to 3.5 games over the Brewers who were able to move into second place. Meanwhile, the Cardinals fell back to 4.0 games from the division lead. Although the Cubs aren’t out of the woods quite yet, with six more against the Cardinals, and another 4 game series against the Brewers. The Cubs will have their hands full through the entirety of this month. No room for errors no room for losses. If the Cubs want to make the playoffs this year they must be pitch perfect in all divisional matchups for the rest of the season.


Winning today was a big step forward for the Cubs in advancing to October. Having to go up against Carlos Martinez, who has had an awesome year. The game looked like trouble until, Kris Bryant hit an opposite-field home run tying the game, after that, the Cubs put up 8 runs and won the game. The next game between the two teams will be tomorrow when Micheal Wacha and Kyle Hendricks face off.


St. Louis I can’t see being much of a factor, although they have good pitching. The offense can’t seem to give pitchers much of a lead in most games. I see the Brewers as more of a threat than the Cardinals, seeing they have a better offense and bullpen. Although coming back from 3.5 games back is a lot easier said than done. Especially since we are in the last month of the regular season. The division will be tough, and a lot of anxiety will surge through the veins of every Cubs fan. If the Cubs come down to a .5 game lead near the end of the month.