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Who’s Your Man Arrieta or Darvish?

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Who’s Your Man, Arrieta or Darvish?

With the start of the MLB season just a few months away, the Cubs are still one starter short of a complete rotation. There have been many names thrown around, such as Alex Cobb, Chris Archer, Shohei Ohtani and Gerrit Cole. Although the two men that seem to be favorites to join the team are either Jake Arrieta or Yu Darvish. Now knowing what you know about these two individuals. Who’s your man, Arrieta or Darvish?


Arrieta vs Darvish

Both men have had very good careers, and both at the same age of 31, tells me who knows who’s going to play better come these next 2-3 years. Jake does have 328 more innings pitched than Darvish but doesn’t come with the injury history that Darvish has had to deal with. So, it seems to be a question of would you rather have extra miles or some injury history?

Jake Arrieta

Before coming over to Chicago from the Orioles, Jake Arrieta was a bottom of the rotation kind of pitcher that no one has ever heard of. After his landing in Chicago, he was turned into a Cy Young Caliber pitcher. That had the best second-half ERA in MLB history with a 0.86, going 16-1 in that stretch. And ended the season with a 1.77 ERA going 22-6 on the season. In 2016 and 2017 Jake did come back down to earth tossing a 3.10 in 16′ and a 3.53 in 17′. Now we know the Cubs want someone that can get strikeout after the strikeout. Jake could be that guy, since coming over to Chicago, Jake has not had a season where he has thrown less than 150 strikeouts, which is something that is very appealing in my eyes.


Yu Darvish

As I was stating earlier how the Cubs are looking for someone that can get the high strikeout rates. Yu Darvish could be the guy to come through on that. Playing two fewer seasons than Arrieta with over 300 fewer innings pitched. Darvish is only 59 strikeouts behind Arrieta with Darvish tossing 1021 Ks. Although Darvish is a very good consistent pitcher, is his injury history worth the risk? Knowing how the Cubs bullpen has performed last time we saw them play. Is it safe to have a pitcher that is very injury prone? Most of his injuries came in the form of having Tommy John surgery.


So, who’s your man, Arieta or Darvish? It comes down to a question of Injury history vs extra miles. After looking at the numbers and stats from both guys, I would say Yu Darvish is the best bet, the only thing that made me think between Jake and Darvish. Was Yu Darvish’s’ sketchy history in the playoffs where he holds an ugly 5.81 ERA. Whatever happens though, and I have full trust in Theo and the process.


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