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The Cardinals Rotation Should Be a Revolving Door

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The Cardinals Rotation Should Be a Revolving Door

The Cardinals rotation was, at one time, the best in baseball.  However, it has dissolved since the opening months.  Wainwright, Wacha, and Leake have been struggling to go deep into games, and put together quality starts.  Since August 1st, Wacha has only pitched six or more innings one time, and Leake has done it twice, allowing seven combined runs, in those two outings.  Wainwright has not pitched past the fifth, in any of his August starts, and is back on the disabled list.  The only two guys that have not shown signs of fatigue, are Lance Lynn and Carlos Martinez.

Luke Weaver

Fortunately, for the Cards, Luke Weaver has filled in nicely, for Wainright.  Weaver is 2-1, with a 2.95 ERA, when starting this season.  He also has three appearances out of the pen, in which he has not allowed a run.  His success has kept him in the rotation, for Tuesday night’s start, against the Brewers.  However, the question is, what happens when Wainwright comes back?

Temporary Solutions for the Cardinals Rotation

When Wainwright eventually comes back from the disabled list, the Cardinals will have a decision to make.  They have to decide what to do with Luke Weaver.  The following is the solution that makes the most sense to me.

Because three-fifths of the rotation are experiencing fatigue issues, the Redbirds should go to a six man rotation, of sorts.  The typical six man rotation works just like the five man.  Except, guys pitch every six days, instead of five.  That is one route the Cards could go, but would likely not be as beneficial, as another alternative.  The other alternative is plugging Weaver in, after Martinez and Lynn, and skipping one of the other three guys, when their day comes about.  They would not want to skip the same guy twice in a row, or the same two guys every time.  Rather, they could rotate the spot that gets skipped, so that, every time through, a different starter gets skipped.

This rotation would allow Leake, Wacha, and Wainright to get the extra rest they desperately need.  It would also keep Martinez, Lynn, and Weaver on their normal rotations so that they would get the most starts possible.  A traditional six man rotation would take starts away from your best pitchers, and sending Weaver to the pen would be a mistake.  However, if Wacha finally gets sent to the pen, all this means nothing. I do not see that happening.  That leaves this revolving door rotation, as the best option, for the rest of 2017.