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Jim Thome and The City Of Brotherly Love

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Jim Thome and The City Of Brotherly Love

After having such a prosperous career expanding over a period of 22 years. Jim Thome was certainly a one of a kind power hitter. Ending his career with 612 career home runs, also posting his 3rd highest season total in home runs in the city of Brotherly love with 47. He did, however, post his 2nd highest strikeout total the same year with 182. Nonetheless, he was a great player to have while the Phillies had him from 03-05. So, with all that being said let’s reflect on the now Hall of Famer and his time in the city of Brotherly love.



The first of three prosperous seasons for Thome, playing in 159 games, collected 154 hits, hit 47 home runs and drove in 131 RBIs. Although like I stated earlier, he did post his 2nd career high in strikeouts with 182. 2003 was the final season that the Philadelphia Phillies played at Veterans Stadium. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it to the playoffs for the ninth straight season, and it seemed that not even the great Jim Thome can give this team the boost that they needed. Even though he couldn’t help the team win, Thome still excelled like he always had the upcoming season.



A clear drop off in his numbers from 2003-2004, but Thome still put up elite power numbers. After tying the Alex Rodriguez for the league leader in home runs with 47. Jim Thome put up 42 in 2004 ranking him 6th in the league tied with Jim Edmonds. It seemed like every statistic from that season dropped noticeably from the prior year. He was still able to drive in over 100 runners and put up 142 hits. While Also posting his highest batting average in his time with the Phillies at a .274. So, it’s not his best season, but he was still able to produce all year earning him his 4th All-Star appearance.


The final year of Thome’s stay in Philly, and it wasn’t exactly the best way to end his career in the city of Brotherly love. Playing in only 59 games all season, sidelined due to injury, didn’t give Thome a chance at piling on to his career numbers. There isn’t much to say about his 2005 season, a season gone to waste due to the everlasting injuries that have plagued every player before him. Nonetheless Thome will always be loved in Philly, and definitely deserved the Hall of Fame induction.