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There is Still Hope for the Cardinals

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There is Still Hope for the Cardinals

The Cardinals have struggled mightily this season.  Other than the starting pitching, every facet of their game has come and gone.  It seems like if they get one thing going, another falls apart.  However, it is too early to count the Cards out, for the second straight season.  Thanks, mostly, to the rest of the National League Central, there is still hope, that the Cardinals will return to the post season.

Wild Card Hope

Before the 2017 season began, Cardinals fans, at least the rationale ones, probably thought the best chance, at the playoffs, would be via the Wild Card.  Unfortunately, no one predicted that the Rockies and Diamondbacks would have .600+ winning percentages.  Additionally, the Dodgers have played as well as everyone thought they would.  This does not leave much room for St. Louis, in the Wild Card picture.  Barring a dramatic fall off, by Colorado or Arizona, it looks like both Wild Card teams will come out of the West Division.

NL Central Hope

Most fans, analysts, and likely coaches and players thought the Cubs would run away with the NL Central, again.  Luckily, for the Cards, this has been far from the case.  On the contrary, the Milwaukee Brewers jumped out to an early division lead, and still stand, as the first place club.  They have cooled off lately, though, and only four games separate the entire Central Division.

Many believe the Brewers will eventually fade completely, and the two teams left battling will be the Cubs, and the Cardinals.  The Cubs sit at .5oo, with a 32-32 record, to this point, and are having many issues of their own.  Their struggles, have let the Redbirds hang around, despite a 30-33 record, through 63 games.

If the Cardinals want to get back to the post season, they will probably have to win their division.  This will be no easy feat, as the Cubs will surely play better at some point.  The Cards will also have to make some moves, by the deadline.  They still lack in the bullpen, and really could use a middle of the order impact bat.  If they are able to obtain those, or at least one of the two, they should still have a real chance to take the National League Central crown.