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Giants’, Mets’ Injuries, Marte Suspension; Welcomed News for the Cardinals

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Unlike in recent years, injuries may prove to be a positive for the Cardinals this season.  I do not mean Cardinals injuries, of course, rather, I am referring to injuries to the competition.  Specifically, the National League Wild Card competition.

The favorite teams to win the Wild Card coming into this season, much like last year, were the Giants and the Mets.  However, after the first month of the season, that has drastically changed.  The Mets and Giants are now missing huge pieces due to injury, and Pittsburgh lost their center fielder earlier this season, when he was given the first offense suspension of 80 games, after testing positive for PED’s.

The Losses

Last week, San Francisco found out their ace, Madison Bumgarner, will miss at least three months, with a grade 2 AC sprain.  He suffered this injury in a dirt bike accident, on his day off.  Clearly, this was not his best moment, and it will likely cost his team.  The Giants are already off to an abysmal start, going 9-17 in April.

The Mets found out earlier today that they will be without Noah Syndergaard indefinitely, as he was diagnosed with a partially torn lat muscle.  He will join Yoenis Cespedes, on the DL. This will only complicate things for an already struggling New York team, who sit at 10-14.

Another story coming from the month of April, was the suspension of Pirates outfielder, Starling Marte.  Marte was given an 80 game suspension, for the use of a synthetic, injectable steroid.  This forced the Pirates to put an aging Andrew McCutchen in Center, and leaves them without one of their most productive bats from a year ago, when he slashed .311/.362/.456.

What does this mean for St. Louis?

These key losses put the Cardinals in an interesting position.  Though they struggled out of the gate, falling to 3-9 at one point, St. Louis has played well, since sweeping Pittsburgh earlier in April.

If their starting rotation holds up, and the bullpen continues to improve, the Cardinals could find themselves in a very nice spot, in the Wild Card standings, by the time the competition is back to full strength.  This stretch could mean the difference between playing baseball in October, and going home early for the second consecutive season.