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American Ninja Warrior Makes Pit Stop In Daytona



American Ninja Warrior visited Daytona International Speedway to showcase some local talent, including NASCAR driver Ben Kennedy.

Also in attendance were Ben’s mother Lesa France-Kennedy, as well as Ben’s girlfriend and mom who all wore orange t shirts with the words NASCAR Ninja on them.

Ben, along with several other contestants from across the country, competed in a timed obstacle course with six different challenges which included:

The Floating steps – staggered above the water, must hop from step to step in a frogger type motion

The Rolling Pin – contestants wrap their arms around it as it tries to shake you off and drops quickly

Wing Nuts – three rotating t shaped handles where contestants must swing from side to side onto the next

Broken Bridge – upside down foam blocks suspended by ropes that players must run across quickly.

Rolling Thunder – A large wheel –  must try and turn with one hand and hold onto with the other

Warped Wall – It’s like climbing up the side of a building and jumping for the second story ledge

Ben started the course off slow, and barely made the first platform after swinging on the rope from the floating steps. The rolling pin is where he got “dumped”, only not by a fellow driver.

He lost his hold on the obstacle when his left arm slipped off and he fell into the water below.

“That’s tougher than I thought”, he remarked as he was drying off from his quick dip in the pool.

His final time was 1:08.60.


Up next to compete on American Ninja Warriors will be drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr and Ryan Blaney.

They are scheduled to appear on the July 3rd airing on NBC

Here’s a sneak peek at Stenhouse’s run:

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