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NBC Sports Signs Multi-Year Contract With Dale Jr

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NBC Sports Group announced this morning that retiring driver Dale Earnhardt Jr will join the organization in 2018 as part of a multi-year deal.

The two-time Daytona 500 winner has worked in the live TV booth a handful of times, including “The Clash” and some Xfinity Series races over the last couple of years.

“It is a tremendous honor not only to join NBC Sports next year but to begin a new career alongside people who love NASCAR as much as I do,” Earnhardt said in an NBC release.


NBC sent out this tweet welcoming NASCAR’s most popular driver to their NBC coverage team


Dale Earnhardt Jr could have an opportunity outside NASCAR as well, according to Mark Lazarus, Chairman of NBC Broadcasting and Sports.

“We are excited to welcome Dale Jr. to our team – both on and off the track,” Lazarus said. “As a company, NBCUniversal allows for talent to stretch themselves across not just their field of expertise, but across other areas of their interests in the media world.”

NBC Executive Sam Flood said during a call with media members in June  ” … He’s a talented guy and I think he’d be quite an addition to any broadcast because he’s curious, asks good questions and cares deeply about the sport.”

NBC Television analyst Jeff Burton, who retired from NASCAR competition three years ago, also gave his approval to Earnhardt’s potential behind the mike.

“It’s difficult (to leave),” Burton conceded. “But it gives you an opportunity to have an impact on the sport and continue to have the relationships you’ve built over a lifetime and quite honestly to talk about something you’d be watching anyway.


During today’s press conference, Dale was asked about his plans in the booth, outside of the sport, and continuing his podcast “Dirty Mo Radio”

Q: You said finally being able to announce it (the news). Can you talk about the genesis of how this all came about?

A: Yeah, I’m finally excited to be able to announce this news. Alot of folks have been asking me what the next step            was for me. It’s a thrill for me to be able to partner with NBC, and obviously I have alot of respect for Sam (Flood)      and his team and what they accomplish every weekend, and the product they deliver to the fans”

Q: Is there anything specific outside of NASCAR that you’ve always wanted to do, either be it an Olympics or a Super      Bowl, or something like that?

A: You know, this is the beginning of the partnership. I’m going to follow Sam’s lead on what I need to do to become        as prepared as I can to do the job that he wants me to do. I’m going to make myself available as much as possible        to give me the tools I need to learn quickly in this process.

Q: How do you think your relationship will change with the drivers, you’re current competitors, when you become a         broadcaster?

A: I’m interested, actually, to see how those relationships change as I move into a different position in the sport. But        talking to Jeff Burton, Kyle Petty and and those guys, it seems like it’s going to be pretty seemless. And being on          top of the sport, as a driver, I know that it means alot to us when the broadcast teams comes down into the                    garage, talks to us during the week, asks questions. That means alot.

Q: Can you still tweet that you dislike 3:00 starts?

A: Yeah, I don’t know. I’ll talk to Sam about that one.

Q: How tough is it going to be not being behind a race car, and not getting that adrenaline rush anymore?

A: It was surprising to me to know how much of an adrenaline rush it was to call the race, and when the race is                  exciting, you know, you feed of that like the fans do. I don’t feel like I’m going to miss the adrenaline rush, I’m              gonna miss the competition.

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