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Driver Spotlight: Joey Gase Interview



NASCAR is a sport full of all star teams and drivers, with names like Johnson, Busch, and Harvick. The only downside to having such iconic faces of the sport is the overshadowing effect on the smaller-budget teams. One of these drivers is Joey Gase. I recently reached out to Gase this past week to get a sense of who he is outside of racing. In order to tell a personal story worthy of being shared.

At 24 years old, Gase drives in the NASCAR Xfinity Series for Jimmy Means Racing. He also runs part time in the Monster Energy Cup Series for BK Racing. From Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he has made his mark on short tracks across the Midwest, winning several track championships. This success carried him through the ARCA Racing Series, and he made his transition to NASCAR in 2011.

A Day Away From Racing

“If I had a day away from the track and could go anywhere, I would go to a beach in the Caribbean because of its awe-inspiring beauty.” “If I could spend a day with any non-racing historical figure I would want to be with George Washington. I think it’d be really cool to interact with the father of our country and see how he thinks.” “One life experience I want to take part in is traveling throughout Europe. I really want to see all the different landmarks and cultures.”

Down Time Activities

With the busy life of a NASCAR driver, Joey Gase does not have a lot of time to himself for hobbies outside of racing. Gase said his current favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory. Lastly, he said that he does not get to read many books, but his all-time favorite books were The Magic Tree House series. “It’s really cool how in each book they describe some historical event or culture in an easy-to-understand way.”

Gase uses his elevated status to preach respectfulness

When asked what is some advice he’d give to anyone, Gase stated: “To treat others how you would want to be treated, to stay humble, and to never give up on your dreams.” Some lasting impressions Gase leaves with everyone he meets are his friendliness, his humble upbringing, and the fact that he is a normal person. In closing, Gase said he would not change a single aspect of his life. He is everlastingly thankful for the amazing opportunities he has had in living his dream of being a NASCAR driver.

This coming weekend, Gase will be pulling double duty at Indianapolis. He will race in Saturday’s Lilly Diabetes 250 as well as Sunday’s Brickyard 400. Both races will be on NBC or NBCSN.