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Hendrick Motorsports Dealt KO Punch – Brake Failures Plague Team


Hendrick Motorsports Has Bad Luck at Pocono

When you have 3 out of 4 drivers crash out of the race, it’s never a good day for a race team. But when 2 of those are big names in the sport, it’s either bad luck, or the fate of the race. Hendrick drivers had such a fate.

Dale Earnhardt Jr, driving the Axalta Chevrolet # 88, was the first victim to be sent to the garage with an engine issue. He started in the back because of an engine change. Dale Jr came on the team radio with 30 laps to go in stage 1 complaining of a soft break pedal, and that it was “solid to the floor”. Before stage 2 started he was unable to figure out why he could not stay in 2nd gear. During his interview in the garage he was beside himself with grief wondering what was wrong. It wasn’t the shifter, or the handle, or the gear box – he just didn’t know what had caused him to have another engine issue and take him out of the race. Dale wished he could blame it on one of those problems, but he just couldn’t.

84 will Have to Wait

With a few laps to go in Stage 2, the 48 of Jimmie Johnson suffered a catastrophic brake failure that cause him to hit the wall hard in Turn 1. He said he did not feel the brake pedal at all, just went straight to the floor. Only instead of staying on the outside wall, Jimmie decided to head for the infield grass, a move that he would later regret as it sent him through the grass and back up on the track into the turn 1 wall for a hard lick that knocked the wind out of him. Outside the infield care center, he mentioned that he knew his decision was wrong to turn towards the infield, and that he should have taken a hard  right into the wall instead.

Khane was not Able

Kasey Khane was the last victim to fall to the bad luck band of brothers at Pocono. Another one of the Hendrick boys, he also suffered brake failure with just 19 laps to go in stage 3. At this point in the race, with all of the brake failures, engine issues and bad luck other teams were facing, another nail in the coffin for the Hendrick boys was evident..

Lets hope the Hendrick teammates can lick their wounds and muster up some drive and determination that one usually finds after a bad race. They will need all the luck they can get heading into next weeks race at Michigan.