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Motorsports Writers: Have We Become An Industry Hazard?

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With the sudden layoffs of more motorsports writers, one begins to wonder if NASCAR, as well as those employed by it, is losing more steam by the day.

When NASCAR Illustrated shut down in 2016, that was the first blow to my love of NASCAR writing. I subscribed to that magazine religiously, and followed my favorite writer Carolyn Brewster every single month.

I couldn’t wait until the new issue came out and my copy hit the mailbox. There’s just something about the fresh smell of newsprint that I just had to feel in my hands. Digital stories just didn’t do it for me.

Then the big dogs started cutting jobs left and right. ESPN cut Dr. Jerry Punch. He began his career as a pit road reporter in 1984. Fox canned regional online writers in June of 2015.

The closings were all based on the reasoning that the companies were shifting focuses to more online video or digital content rather than just stories. NASCAR Illustrated closed due to “profitability.”

See my article from in 2016 on the closing of NASCAR Illustrated here.

The bottom line is this: may have had their reasons for laying off two of the most followed writers in the business (I won’t name the two writers here), but they still had a following, a fan base, and readers that made sure they caught everything they wrote, just like I did with Carolyn Brewster.

I love my “job” here at TSJSports covering NASCAR stories and breaking news, and I would hate to give it up or not have the ability to write anymore for people who follow me. Even if I don’t get a dime for what I do, I love to share my thoughts and opinions with anyone who will listen.

What big companies like, Fox, ESPN and others have to understand is this –

Even though they have a bottom line to meet financially, we writers also have a bottom line…

Our fans.

And we can never forget that if we are to make it in this dog eat bigger dog world.

Since 2010 I have been covering motorsports for different media outlets, including, The Lawrence Eagle Tribune and WHAV Radio. New England born and raised, following NASCAR is a passion of mine which I hope to turn into a full-time opportunity