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BK Racing finds more financial troubles


Two cars didn’t take the track in Friday’s practice session at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Those two cars came out of BK Racing, and there’s an ongoing struggle to try and race them.

Multiple sources have confirmed that BK Racing owner Ron Devine is currently trying to sort a financial matter with the company they get their engines from, REP.  The reason behind this is that BK has not paid a bill owed.  The two companies have been in an on-going legal dispute over the engines since before this season.

A deal was made by the companies saying that BK would use the engines for the 2017 season, but something changed Friday.  Sources reported that the engine tuners took the codes needed to fire the engines, and left the garage.  With the tuners gone, this left BK with no way of getting out onto the track.

Both parties refused to give a better understanding about the dispute.  Ron Devine did tell reporters, “There is no story here.”  Devine is currently also having legal troubles with the IRS, and has two lawsuits pending against him.

BK Racing drivers reach out

Driver of the #83 Toyota Camry this weekend, Brett Moffitt, was also asked about the dispute.  He quickly answered, “the bills weren’t paid.”

When Corey LaJoie, driver of the #23 Toyota Camry, was asked Friday he gave a more in depth comment.

“I don’t know what the status is but I know we didn’t make a lap today and that was pretty frustrating. I didn’t ask specifics, I know they wouldn’t let me drive it today. That is really all I can say. I have had a busy day and been over at the Xfinity garage so I haven’t spent a lot of time over here. We had an issue like that at Loudon and that got resolved.  Hopefully this gets resolved and we can, at least, get on the racetrack by the end of the weekend.”

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