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Camping World CEO To Trump Supporters: Shop Elsewhere

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When the CEO of Camping World, Marcus Lemonis, told prospective customers “don’t shop at my store” if they were Trump supporters, NASCAR driver Mark Martin took that message to heart – and cancelled his $150,000 RV order.

The 40 time Monster Energy winner posted this tweet:

“First thing in the morning I will be canceling my order for $150,000 RV I have ordered,” Martin posted Sunday in a since-deleted tweet. “Leave politics out of it.”

Now, the company is without one of its most high-profile customers. Not a good way to conduct business.

According to this story on’s NASCAR Fuel, Martin retracted the tweet feeling that many of the articles he read misrepresented Lemoins.

Martin’s call to the Camping World CEO was to urge him to “leave politics out of it”

Here’s where my opinion comes in, for what it’s worth.

No matter what stories I have or have not read this is the bottom line –

NASCAR and politics DO NOT MIX WELL together.


Neither do NASCAR and religion.

NASCAR has enough trouble keeping the sport afloat without it’s sponsors and top brass ticking off the very few fans it has left. What’s next, for someone to determine that the pre-race invocation is not inclusive enough to all faiths?

NASCAR decided a while back that it would not allow confederate flags at certain tracks, citing that it wants to keep the sport “inclusive” for all fans.

They also tried to hand out American Flags if the fans turned in their confederate ones. Is that inclusiveness?

Now with this message from the Camping World CEO, it just shows that politics are a hot button issue.

Fans are opinionated. They are stubborn. But they are also passionate. Also, they like what they like and believe what they want to believe.

And you or I are not going to change their minds.

Even if we cancel a $150,000 RV order from one of NASCAR’s biggest sponsors in the truck series.

Camping World also has a subsidiary, Overton’s, which supplies boats and accessories to those same fans. They have been the sponsor for recent Cup races at Pocono and New Hampshire.

A word of advise to those of you who are looking to support or shop at one of NASCAR’s major sponsors:

Keep the politics out of it.