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Disney Buys Fox – What Does This Mean For NASCAR and FS1?

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News hit the entertainment and sports world last week that Fox sold out to Disney.

The LA Times reported that the decision by Fox leaves the news and sports giant without a production studio of it’s own to supply it’s scripted shows. The deal for Disney cost a hefty $52.4 Billion.

Included in the sale are 20th Century Fox Studios, The Fox Sports Net regional networks (FS1, FS2), and cable networks FX and National Geographic.

Some are referring to this as “The New Fox”, a Murdoch-owned entity. But will it have long term viability?

The company that remains after Disney’s purchase, however, will still retain rights to the Fox broadcast network and all of it’s sports rights.

So will NASCAR move it’s races from FS1 back to Fox? That would make a lot of race fans happy.

Many fans could not watch the FS1 races if they had to pay for coverage.

A key part of the deal with Disney means that Fox Sports can stay ahead of the game

With rising costs of agreements for entities like NASCAR, Disney can step in and help.

The migration of many of the races that are on FS1 now could find their way back to Fox, because it will cost the station more money to find an alternative than to air something it already owns the rights for.

But the deal between Disney and 20th Century Fox is no sure thing. The FCC will still need to approve the merger of the two companies, and that’s a big if.

After all, look at the merger between AT&T and Turner Networks. That’s still up in the air.

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