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Front Row Motorsports Being Sued Over BK Racing Charter



A Virginia bank has filed a lawsuit in North Carolina Superior Court asking for the court to declare who owns the BK Racing charter bought from the 83 team for $2 million dollars by Front Row Motorsports.

This decision could change the 2018 Daytona starting grid.

The bank claims that BK racing owes 9.1 million on a loan that included 2 of its charters as collateral.

After Front Row brought the charter (prior to the 2017 season), it leased the charter to the 72 car of Cole Whitt.

The charter would be the property of Front Row Motorsports unless the court decides otherwise.

The season-opening Daytona 500 could be the first race affected because 36 charter teams automatically qualify for a race – with only 4 non-charter team spots left.


The lawsuit in question claims that Front Row paid $2 million for the charter that BK racing had used to field the #83 car in 2016.

In addition to asking the court to rule on who owns the #83 charter, Union Bank and Trust says it has the right to sell one of the charters, used in 2017 by BK Racing to field the #23 car of Corey Lajoie and Gray Gaulding, among others.

BK Racing owner Ron Devine says that the bank wants him to refinance his loans, and this lawsuit is a way to force the issue.

Devine says the amount he owes is closer to $8 million.

They wanted to make a big stink about it so that we would react and do stuff that we don’t want to do with them. I actually have an agreement with them in place.

There has been no comment from NASCAR on this matter.

BK Racing is the subject of several lawsuits and liens, including a California man who owns the right to a $2 million dollar promissory note and The IRS which has filed liens of over $650,000 for unpaid federal taxes.