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Green-White-Checker Rule Should Return To Basics


Controversial Dover Finish Proves NASCAR’s Current Green-White-Checker Rule Is Broken.

For years, The Green-White-Checker rule was and has determine races simply. Two laps and up to three tries. If the leader takes the white flag, the next flag ends it. Either that be a checker or yellow flag, the winner was determine by a simple process. NASCAR made it right and easy.

But, all that has now been undone with an “overtime line” usually at the halfway point of a track. If the leader crosses it during the first lap of any attempt, the race is over if a caution should come out. Otherwise, the rest of the old process is no longer needed.

Several have been open minded with change when it comes to NASCAR and their rule changes. However, this one can be no longer despite giving it an chance. Checkers or wreckers don’t apply when the caution comes before the white flag. A scoring loop should only determine a running order after a failed attempt, not picking a winner. Lastly, a attempt to grow an audience using a line other than the start/finish line will confuse new viewers.

Now one must be question, wheres the solution to this problem? Easy, go back to the original GWC rules when it was first made to all three national series by NASCAR in 2004. The format was simple and straight forward without any fluff or gimmicks. But, there’s a better Green-White-Checker rule NASCAR should look at too.

The ARCA Racing Series has an “unlimited attempts” rule that grantees a green flag finish, regardless of what happens. The rule is like NASCAR’s, up until the white flag. If the yellow flies during the last lap of the full distance, the Green-White-Checker rule is still in play. The field will get two additional laps, both must be ran under green flag conditions. But, unlike NASCAR’s current rules of if a caution comes out during the final lap of any attempt, the race isn’t over. The field will receive a white and green flag upon restart, and only then a race will end if no more cautions.

In conclusion, while NASCAR has been on the right path with recent rule changes, this one of off the grid completely. It’s time for the sanctioning body to determine races easily and straight to follow among the fans. The Overtime Line rule should be over.