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iRacing Track Guides: Daytona


This weekend the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series visits Daytona International Speedway. This is the series second and final stop at the track for this years season. The racing that Daytona provides year in and year out is something fans have come to love. There is just something about thirty cars being door to door at 200mph that just feels so right. However, while the fans love this type of racing, they may not know what a driver is thinking throughout the race. To give you a better idea of what a driver is thinking we’ll take a look at two laps around Daytona on the iRacing Motorsport Simulator.

Video Breakdown

The video above contains two laps that are from separate parts of the race. The first lap is around mid-race while the second lap shown is the final lap of the race. The way drivers will handle themselves in these two scenarios are completely different. As the leader in both of these scenarios, I can tell you I certainly drove completely different on lap 60 compared to lap 160. On the first lap shown I was driving much more conservatively, as drivers Saturday night will. I just like some of NASCAR’s top drivers did not want to make a risky move so early. Now with that being said I am certainly still looking in my mirror to protect my position. The difference is it isn’t as aggressive. I am doing small things such as washing up off the corner to prevent a run from the cars behind. Drivers must do these things throughout the course of a race or they risk losing track position.

Now when it comes to the final lap of the race the gloves are off. As the leader, I am looking in my mirror 90% of the lap. At this point of the race if a car behind has a run they are going to take it and the leader will block. Drivers have to be aggressive and decisive with their moves. There can be no second guessing or you risk causing a wreck or costing yourself a win. Expect drivers on Saturday to pull blocks just as aggressive as the ones shown in the video. As a result, there could be what everyone calls “The Big One”. While the winner at Daytona is never certain, one thing always is, a race that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.