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Why NASCAR Is Moving in the Right Direction in 2018

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When I think of all the changes NASCAR has made over the years, it seems like NASCAR is fighting an uphill battle with its fan base.

Veteran drivers are moving out, young drivers are taking over, and there is a definite attrition of the older generation, set in their ways so that fans are flocking away from the sport in droves.

Monster Energy came on as the new sponsor in 2017, replacing a long standing deal with Sprint and hoping to attract younger fans, even the millennial crowd.

So here’s why I think NASCAR is moving in the RIGHT direction in 2018.

Change is necessary. That’s right, I said change.

I know nobody likes change, but it has to happen for the greater good of the sport.


On too many occasions we have seen drivers pushing the limit with rules and getting away with ‘murder.’

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I am a fan of the biggest cheater of all – Jimmie Johnson.

Johnson has pushed the envelope, or rather I should say his crew chief Chad Knaus, to try and inch out fellow drivers to get that competitive edge on the track.

But so has everyone else.

Busch has cheated. Logano has cheated. Keselowski has cheated. Even Dale Jr. has cheated.

It’s all about winning the race, right? Wouldn’t you do the same thing if you were in their shoes?

NASCAR has made several unpopular changes in the last few years when it comes to inspections, pit crews, penalties and even sponsors.

They say the tougher inspections will level the playing field. They now have a new laser inspection station that will only allow for a 150 thousandths of an inch margin of error.

In addition, NASCAR feels that reducing the over the wall pit crews from 6 to 5 improves safety on pit road.

Monster Energy was brought in to attract younger fans to follow the younger drivers taking over.

Maybe it all hasn’t worked yet, but give it time. It will work.


There will be a new flock of fans coming to the tracks in droves to follow their favorite young guns.

The likes of Byron, Elliott, Jones and even Wallace is just the shot in the arm that NASCAR needs to save a dying sport.

Changes are necessary in all levels of any business model to make it grow and flourish.

Nobody likes the way NASCAR has been all big brother-like when it comes to all of the rule changes.

But if you buy a ticket to a race, you are expected to roll with the punches.

Remember why you became a fan in the first place. Was it the hard racing? The no holds barred, white knuckle suspense, on the edge of your seat drama?

Well it’s all coming back. Sooner than you think. The drivers of old and the drivers of today all have one thing in common.

The love of the sport.

NASCAR is fixing their mistakes they made over the years when they lost all of those fans and will make it right in 2018.

I for one can’t wait for the young guns like Byron, Elliott and Jones to shine and get their shot at the title in the Cup Series.

The talent is there. The stage is set. Now all NASCAR needs is you, the fans, to show up and root for your favorite.

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