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NASCAR Updates Crashed Vehicle Policy – But Is It Too Late?

Photo by Craig Fildes via Flickr


NASCAR has made a change to their Crashed Vehicle Policy (CVP), and it comes 1 year after Matt Kenseth was eliminated from the Playoffs.

In their infinite wisdom, they have decided instead not to park teams for the remainder of the race.

Instead, they will just be penalized 2 laps if they send too many men over the wall.

Cup Series director Richard Buck announced the policy change in a bulletin sent to crew chiefs Wednesday morning.

An extra minute has been added to the crash clock as well, which previously was 5 minutes.

But is it too little, too late? How would Kenseth feel about this change?


Kenseth and fellow Playoff driver Jamie McMurray were involved in a wreck at Kansas Motor Speedway last fall.

Because one of Kenseth’s crew members came over the wall too soon, he was parked for the remainder of the race.

That cost Kenseth a shot at the 2017 Monster Energy Cup championship.

“It seems like we’ve got a lot of stuff that kind of gets changed so often I honestly can’t keep up with it,” he said to NBC Sports.

Kenseth also mentioned about putting loose lug nuts on out of pit boxes – what’s now called the “Jimmie Johnson rule.”

That policy was also changed.

Drivers will not be allowed to service anything on their cars if they are outside their pit box.

So has there ever been a rule change that has been good for the sport?

Most changes are meant to make drivers, teams, crew and officials safer usually come after something bad has happened.

If NASCAR continues to make rule changes on the fly, after the fact, or as a knee-jerk reaction, fans will also make a decision – to not attend any more races.