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Tony Stewart Is The Type Of Owner NASCAR Needs

Tony Stewart During Pre-Race Festivities At Homestead 2016 NASCARMedia

From the beginning of his career, Tony Stewart is an outspoken owner and driver. From his IRL days to even currently as an owner, his passion for racing stacks up with his idol AJ Foyt. He proved it again yesterday after the CUP Race at Michigan questioning NASCAR debris cautions.

But, this isn’t the first time he’s said something over NASCAR’s late debris cautions. In 2007 after the Phoenix spring race, he compared them to Pro Wrestling after losing the lead late. Also, he has taken a lot of heat over in the past over on and off track incidents.

However, NASCAR desperately needs an outspoken team owner to keep the sanctioning body in check. While most have chosen money and big super teams, Tony Stewart has kept his passion and humbleness for the sport. He carries a boom and personality most in the garage area lacks.

Some can even easily draw up comparisons to another team owner to Stewart’s passion, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Both have questioned and taken heat for the sport’s hot button issues in the past. But, what matters is they spend millions on teams and want to see a better place for their sports. Thus, having an influence on changes in the norms of the leagues.

Overall, NASCAR has had a long line of drivers and owners who speak out with their passion. Now, the sport needs it more than ever with personalities lacking and big money quieting critics. Tony Stewart is the man that the sport needs to keep in line despite NASCAR’s wishes. However, it’s something that needs to be told and listen out.