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NASCAR Decades To Showcase The Groovy 70’s And Rad 80’s

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NASCAR Decades: The 70’s featured bell bottoms, groovy disco hits, and NASCAR drivers smoking in their cars. What an era.

The 70’s also showcased the first woman driver. An iconic fight heard round the world. And this decade brought out new innovations in the sport.

That’s what NASCAR Decades: The 70’s will showcase in the first of two original documentaries. Let’s not forget the hairstyles and paint schemes that distinguished the time period. And the fashion.

I remember checkered pants, huge collars, and wacky hairstyles. And that was just at my grandma’s house.

NASCAR Productions and NBC are teaming up to celebrate the sports unique characters, culture and moments in two original documentaries.

Rare interviews and archived material will be introduced by such legends as Ric Flair, Larry Webster and Tim Duggar.

Current drivers and talent including Dale Earnhardt Jr, Clint Bowyer, Steve Letarte and Rutledge Wood will also share their memories.


The second documentary, NASCAR Decades: The 80’s will premier on July 7th at 11pm following the NASCAR Xfinity Series race.

It ought to be a totally bogus, wicked awesome, totally tubular time. See what I did there?

Don’t forget to set your DVR’s for 9pm tonight on NBCSN. It’s NASCAR Decades: The 70’s baby!