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Opinion: Are Layoffs Helping The Digital Age?

Photo by Ingram Photography via Flickr



It seems like every time I pick up my phone and check my social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, yet another story pops up from a employee that just lost their job.

Or it could be a post from an employee of any other digital media site covering Motorsports.

But what I don’t understand is – why?

Isn’t this the DIGITAL age? When NASCAR Illustrated (a print media) closed their doors, citing “profitability”, I understood why. Because no one reads magazines (or newspapers) anymore.

But this is An ONLINE form of media. The people that work there should be rolling in stories to cover, and have the ability to get it out to MILLIONS in just a few clicks.

So when I heard that a major name in Motorsports just lost his job, just DAYS before CHRISTMAS, it made me mad.

What are they thinking?

Do they not have a soul? Do they not care about their readers? Did the reporter not do a good job?

In this case, the answers are no, no and yes, in that order.

Big names in the NASCAR world are losing their jobs, for no good reason than to save a quick buck.

That’s what it boils down to. Money. It is the true tell all of anyone’s future. If the company you work for doesn’t make enough money, then they don’t need you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there 2 years or 20. You have to make the grade in their eyes to be worth your weight in gold.

But tell me. Is this not the DIGITAL age? Don’t we need MORE writers covering topics for digital dissemination?

It seems to me like the people at don’t read articles to see how hard these HUMAN BEINGS work.

And if we keep laying off good, decent, hard working talent, then what’s left? Just a bunch of high level, rich fat cats that don’t even read what their selling.

So guess what? I’m not buying. Not anymore. Keep laying off more and more people who are just trying to make a living. A good, honest living. Then see what your left with.

Empty offices. Deserted halls. And quiet. Deadening, deafening quiet.

Are you listening now, NASCAR? Your readers will be. But they’ll be less than quiet.

Since 2010 I have been covering Motorsports for different media outlets, including, The Lawrence Eagle Tribune and WHAV Radio. New England born and raised, following NASCAR is a passion of mine which I hope to turn into a full time opportunity.