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TSJSports Interview With Pit Reporter Jamie Little

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After meeting NASCAR on FOX pit reporter Jamie Little, TSJSports writer Noah Lewis decided to reach out to her.  Jamie was very welcome to any questions about life as a NASCAR pit reporter.

Questions to Jamie Little

I first asked Jamie about the biggest overlooked part of NASCAR pit reporting. She responded with “I would say the amount of information you learn compared to what you actually use during the course of a race. There is so much to know every race but it’s the ‘trimming’ it down so you have the most important nuggets of info that is challenging. And using them at the right time in the broadcast!”

I then asked her a few questions about her favorite part of her job. “My favorite part is getting to be in the middle of the action! Then being able to bring the stories to the fans as they happen! No scripts!” When asked about how she balances life on the road between time with friends and family, she gave great feedback. “You have to force it! It’s easier for me to do now that I’m 14 years into the business. It’s more difficult when you’re young because you’re nervous and afraid to take your focus off of your job (I did anyway). But make sure you do balance it all. You can have it all!”

Staying in the motorsports topic, I then asked what the unity of the NASCAR garage was like. “It is like a big family. If you ever need anything or you’re going through a tough time, it’s amazing how many people come to the rescue. It’s not easy to be accepted into the NASCAR family but once you are you’re in!” What steps can be taken by someone wanting to join the NASCAR family, particularly in broadcasting? “Offer your services at your local track. Get a degree in journalism so you learn how to write. When you know how to write, you can learn to speak for TV and storytelling. But take any opportunities you can to get on a mic.” 

I then asked her about her life away from the racetrack, and what kind of activities she participates in. “Traveling! I love spending time with my kids and husband and dogs. I also like giving my time to charities, helping animals, and working out too.”  When asked about her favorite motorsports memory, she went all the way back to 2004. “I’ve had a lot of them but I’d say my first ever Indy 500. It was 2004. Biggest race of my career and I became the first woman pit reporter on the broadcast. It ended up being an 8 hour 26 minute nonstop broadcast, thanks to rain.”

Finally, I asked about what advise she would like to give to an aspiring journalist. “Don’t give up. It’s hard. It’s competitive. Put everything into it. Work harder than the next guy. Be nicer than the next guy.”

A big thanks goes to Jamie Little for agreeing to participate in these questions. You can catch her in February for the 60th DAYTONA 500, live on FOX.

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