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Verizon Buys Out Yahoo and AOL – Yahoo Sports and Huff Post Affected

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YAHOO — Layoffs are never a welcome site, or something that any employee wants to go through.

But for employees of Yahoo and AOL, it’s something they are suddenly facing – the hard way.

According to an article in the LA times,  Verizon closed the deal on a 4.48 million dollar deal – and closed alot of doors in companies like ESports, Yahoo’s video game division.

The layoffs include 39 Huffpost journalists and the Esports division was shuttered.

This is part of a 15% reduction across all divisions.

The 4.48 million dollar acquisition means went out to around 2,000 employees.

Laid off union members from HuffPost will receive a severance package including two months’ salary and continued health benefits as well as one week for every year of service.

Writers such as Brad Evans and Brandon Funston took to Twitter to break the news that they had been on the chopping block

It wasn’t too long ago that NASCAR Illustrated printed their last issue, citing a lack of “profitability”.

NASCAR Illustrated published several issues featuring collector covers and an annual season preview.

ESPN also had major layoffs, giving the axe to big names like pit road reporter Dr Jerry Punch and broadcaster Alan Bestwick.

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