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NBA G League: Things to Know, Lookout for in Upcoming Season

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This has been one of the busiest and most entertaining NBA off-seasons in recent memory. Aside from teams trading away major talents, rebranding themselves, and slapping patches onto their jerseys, there was a lot that happened that never received much attention. Yes, I am talking about the NBA’s G League.

The 17th season of the NBA’s developmental “G” League will commence on November 3rd, two weeks after the NBA season begins. We should care about the G League for the same reasons we care about minor league baseball or the NASCAR Xfinity series. The G League is considered to be a proving ground for talented young players to hone their skills before moving up to the big league.

If you don’t believe me, just ask notable alumni Hassan Whiteside, Danny Green, Shaun Livingston, Seth Curry or Matt Barnes. I am sure they would vouch for the importance of the developmental league.

So, what has changed since last season?

Things to know about the G League

November 3rd will mark the debut of 4 new expansion teams, bringing the total number of teams to 26. The Clippers, Hawks, Grizzlies, and Bucks all have new G league teams this year. The Wizards will have a new team next year, bringing the total number of teams to 27 in 2018-2019. Given enough time and new young talent, the G League will certainly continue expanding until each NBA team has its own affiliate.

Why should every NBA team want its own G League affiliate? Because each NBA roster expanded this offseason from 15 to 17 spots. The extra two roster spots give teams the opportunity to give players two-way contracts between the NBA and developmental league. These players will spend the majority of their season in the G League. If they do well in the minors, they’ll have an opportunity to spend 45 days on their team’s NBA rosters.

Some key two-way players to watch out for this year include Kadeem Allen (Boston), Mangok Mathiang and Marcus Paige (Charlotte), Ryan Arcidiacono (Chicago), Alex Poythress (Indiana), Kobi Simmons (Memphis), Derrick Walton Jr (Miami), and C.J. Wilcox (Portland).

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