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Recap The Wild Finish To The 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

2018 Trade Deadline Erik Drost via Flickr


2018 NBA Trade Deadline Aftermath

Thursday’s 2018 trade deadline was a bit chaotic, to say the least.

Who would have thought that Isaiah Thomas would be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers after playing 15 games with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

It was a crazy day around the league. Let’s review some of the trades that took place Thursday.

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 1: Jameer Nelson to the Detroit Pistons

Nelson was traded to the Chicago Bulls last week as a piece in the Nikola Mirotic trade. Late this morning, the 35-year-old guard found out that he would be reunited with his former coach in Stan Van Gundy.

The short-term Bull was traded to Detroit for center Willie Reed and a second-round 2022 draft pick, per Yahoo Sports’ Shams Charania.

This trade will help both teams, but more so the Pistons. With this trade, Chicago will be able to continue their rebuilding process while shedding roster space. For the Pistons, this will add much-needed depth to the point-guard position.

Also, Nelson will be able to help younger players buy into Van Gundy’s system.

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 2: James Ennis to the Detroit Pistons:

Detroit strikes again by adding small forward James Ennis to their roster. Ennis may not score double figures on a nightly basis, but he provides more size.

The Memphis Grizzlies traded Ennis for Brice Johnson and a second round pick, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Memphis has had an awful season for the most part, and this trade didn’t really address their concerns.

The Pistons have added another young piece to their lineup, but I am not sure how much playing Ennis will receive.

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 3: Okaro White to the Atlanta Hawks

This trade was quick and easy for both teams. The Miami Heat traded White to the Atlanta Hawks in return for Luke Babbitt.

Miami probably traded White due to his foot injury. The second-year player is currently averaging 3.3 points, 1.8 rebounds, and 0.3 steals per game this season, per the NBA. Trading White was a no-brainer for the Heat who are currently 7th in the Eastern Conference.

The Heat received a familiar face in Babbitt who played with the team during the 2016-17 season. Babbitt won’t light up the scoreboard, but he adds another body and shooter to the roster.

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 4: Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye to the Los Angeles Lakers:

I did not see this coming at all. Thomas only played 15 games with the Cavaliers, but I guess that was enough for Cavs management.

The Cavaliers traded Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, and a 2018 first round protected pick to the Lakers in exchange for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr., per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Obviously, both teams benefited from this trade in the short and long-term. However, you have to tip your hat to Cavs general manager Koby Altman, who orchestrated this deal.

I.T. probably caused some division on this team by calling out Kevin Love and the coaching staff. Not to mention he was kind of a liability on the defensive end. Losing Frye will hurt the Cavs in the short-term, but defensively they got rid of another liability.

Adding Clarkson and Nance Jr. helped the 2016 NBA champions become younger, faster, and more athletic. Both players are only 25-years-old and have yet to hit their peaks.

If you are looking at this trade from the Lakers’ perspective, it’s all about the money. This trade was facilitated so that the franchise can be in position for free agency. Clearing both Nance Jr. and Clarkson will position the team to sign two max players during free agency possibly. Here’s how Kyrie Irving felt about the trade……….

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 5: Rodney Hood and George Hill to the Cleveland Cavaliers:

Welcome to the land Rodney Hood and George Hill. Around one o’clock, the Cavaliers completed a three-team trade that allowed the franchise to acquire Rodney Hood from the Utah Jazz and George Hill from the Sacramento Kings, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

To receive both Hood and Hill, the team had to send Iman Shumpert and a 2020 second-round pick to the Kings and ship Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose to the Jazz. The Jazz also had to send Joe Johnson to the Kings for this deal to fall into place.

This deal helped the Cavs with roster depth, future development, and on both sides of the ball. As for the Jazz and Kings, it’s all about the money.

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 6: Dwyane Wade to the Miami Heat:

Welcome home, Wade. It’s a shame how things ended after the 2015-16 season when Pat Riley refused to give the former finals MVP a max contract.

Now Wade gets to move back to South Beach and help this young team make the playoffs. Cleveland shipped Wade back to Miami for a protected second-round pick, according to ESPN’ Adrian Wojnarowski.

This trade is great for both teams. Cleveland becomes younger, and the Heat gets their future Hall of Famer back.

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 7: Dante Cunningham to the Brooklyn Nets:

The Brooklyn Nets acquired Dante Cunningham from the New Orleans Pelicans in return for Rashad Vaughn, per Yahoo Sports’ Shams Charania.

This trade will provide the Nets with a solid shooter and a big body that can stretch the floor. I am not sure how this helps the Pelicans besides creating more minutes for Mirotic.

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 8: Noah Vonleh to the Chicago Bulls:

Noah Vonleh is on his way to the Windy City as the Portland Trail Blazers traded him for the rights to Milocan Rakovic and cash considerations, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Trading Vonleh will help the Blazers create roster space for a potential free agent signing.

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 9: Elfrid Payton to the Phoenix Suns:

Wow, I did not see this one coming considering that Payton is a true point guard. This trade probably came to fruition to cut down on money and to avoid signing the guard to a long-term deal.

The Magic sent Payton to the Phoenix Suns and received a 2018 second-round pick in return.

Phoenix just loves to have a selection of point guards at their disposal.

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 10: Sheldon Mac to the Atlanta Hawks:

The Washington Wizards sent Sheldon Mac to the Atlanta Hawks in return for cash consideration, per Yahoo Sports’ Shams Charania.

All I have to say is, really Washington?

2018 Trade Deadline – Trade 11: Emmanuel Mudiay to the New York Knicks:

In a three-team trade, the Denver Nuggets traded guard Emmanuel Mudiay to the New York Knicks in return for Devin Harris. Doug McDermott was the third player in the deal and was traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

I am sure the Knicks pushed this trade through to add depth to the roster after losing Kristaps Porzingis for the season.

What do you think about these trades?

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