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Big Baller Brand Missed on ZO2

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LaVar Ball Can’t Be For Real With Big Baller Brand

LaVar Ball is a name you haven’t been able to escape if you have payed any attention to sports media for the past six months.  He has been on any program that will stick a microphone in his face touting the talents of his son, Lonzo Ball, and pitching his Big Baller Brand.

After failed attempts at trying to secure a sneaker contract for Lonzo with Adidas, Nike and Under Armour, LaVar has decided to make and market Lonzo’s signature sneaker through Big Baller Brand.  LaVar Ball took to twitter, and announced the ZO2 with a tweet that reeked of arrogance:

Big Baller Brand Completely Missed The Mark on Both Style and Pricing

And, of course, with the launch of Big Baller Brand’s ZO2, twitter did what twitter does best; reacted.

And, twitter also had a little something to say about the $495-$695 price point:

And, of course, props to Shaq

Say what you want about Shaq.  When he rolled out his apparel brand, he did it at prices that made sure almost any kid that wanted his shoes, could get them.  And, of course, he reacted to the ZO2 release, as well:

As if Big Baller Brand Didn’t Miss Enough on the ZO2’s

Also available in the Big Baller Brand footwear line, are the “ZO2 Slides,” which are $220 slide on sandals.  If you really want a pair of ZO2: Prime, but you feel $495 just isn’t enough money to put into LaVar Ball’s pocket, for the low, low price of $995, you can get the ZO2: Wet.  The ZO2: Wet, is just the ZO2: Prime, with Lonzo Ball’s autograph on them.  Wow, what a deal.

And that Big Baller Brand T-Shirt that LaVar has been seen in constantly?  You can snag any one of a variation of the design for $50.

Oh, Then There is This

It was brought to the attention of Ohio State Wide Receivers coach, Zach Smith, that the logo for the ZO2 looked eerily familiar to the logo Smith designed for “Zone 6,” which is a nickname Smith uses for his OSU receiving corps.

At first, it seemed as though Smith was fairly upset at this development:

But, it looks as if Coach Smith ended up with a sense of humor over it:

If I were to wager a guess…

The Big Baller Brand is going to flop harder than Manu Ginobili in the paint.  You can’t put that kind of price tag on merchandise surrounding an unproven player.  Sure, some fans and sneaker collectors will pay the price, but, for the average fan, that price range just isn’t in the budget.

And, as if the bulls eye that LaVar has been painting on his son’s back wasn’t large enough already, the buzz surrounding the Big Baller Brand should pretty much be the icing on the cake.

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