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Los Angeles Clippers Trade Chris Paul To The Houston Rockets!

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Chris Paul To Houston!

The Los Angeles Clippers have traded All-Star point guard Chris Paul, to the Houston Rockets. It’s official the era of Lob City is over. (Insert crying emoji)

Five days ago, both Paul and forward Blake Griffin announced that they would opt out of their deals in order to become free agents. Today, Los Angeles traded Paul to the Rockets for Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker and a 2018 first-round pick.

Late last night, it was reported that the trade talks between the Clippers and Rockets were escalating. No one would have thought that Chris Paul would opt in with Houston. With the Golden State Warriors winning another championship within the last three years, it’s clear that teams are trying to catch Dub Nation.

What’s Next For The Clippers?

Now let’s discuss this trade and how it affects both teams. If you’re a Clippers fan this may sting a little, but think about when you trade in a video game at game stop. When trading in a game you want to trade it in before the value decreases and you end up with five dollars opposed to thirty.

Clippers management traded Paul, to avoid the risk of losing him in free agency for nothing. The 32-year-old guard has been the franchise player for Lob City for 5-years.  It may be a tough pill to swallow, but you received a gritty guard in Beverly and two bench pieces. In addition to receiving more fire power, you received a 2018 draft pick.

On the negative side, it’s clear that you are close to rebuilding mode, considering that Griffin has opted out and DeAndre Jordan’s contract is close to an end. If you look on the bright side both Los Angeles franchises are rebuilding now.

Houston We Have A Problem:

Houston this was a great move, but it probably will only look good on paper. Despite the lack of defense in the playoffs, the Rockets had a decent roster without CP3. Adding the North Carolina native gives you a true point guard, but how will that affect Harden.

Both Paul and Harden like to play on the ball and dominate the basketball. Trading Williams and Dekker hurts Houston’s bench. Not to mention that you no longer have a backup point guard.

Overall this trade was shocking, but this does not put the Rockets over the Warriors. With this trade taking place expect Griffin to test the market and take meetings. Also, don’t be surprised if Griffin joins his former teammate in Houston.

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