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The Boston Celtics are here to stay

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Boston Celtics Win 14th Straight

The Boston Celtics beat the Golden State Warriors Thursday night in a thrilling victory.

The Celtics defeated the defending NBA Champions’ in the TD Bank North Garden 92-88. With that win, the Celtics have now won 14 straight games. The Celtics came back from a 17-point deficit to upset Stephen Curry and the Warriors.

The Warriors are a team that has so many superstars in their starting lineup. They don’t just have Kevin Durant but they also have Klay Thompson and Curry. The Celtic defense held Curry to 3-of-14 shooting for just nine points.

Jaylen Brown’s Dominant Performance

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The Young 22-year-old, Jaylen Brown also showed up last night. Brown put on a show scoring 22 points while defending the amazing Durant.

Brown played Thursday night’s game despite learning about his best friend’s death, Trevin Steede. reported that initially, Brown did not want to play in the game. After speaking to Kyrie Irving and his other teammates Brown decided to lace up his shoes and hit the court.

Brown told, “Irving gave me the ball and said this one was for Trevin. That meant a lot to me.”

The Celtics don’t win this game without the help of Brown.

Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr told after the game, “You’re going to run into teams like this that are really physical and tough. That’s why we harp on every box out, every foul, silly fouls, all these things add up when you play a lower-scoring game.”

Irving has shown he can be the leader of his own team. As his former team, the Cleveland Cavilers are struggling since his departure, while it seems like the Celtics’ can’t be stopped.  Irving desired to have his own team so that he could put his leadership skills to the test.

Gordon Hayward Watching

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Gordon Hayward who suffered that gruesome injury against the Cavaliers on Oct. 17 was sitting on the bench cheering on his teammates, Thursday night. Having Hayward on the bench gave this Celtics’ team a little bit of energy.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens told “I think he always gives us all a lift. We see him every day at 10 a.m. at the practice facility when he goes through all his routines, but it’s great to see him in the building. And probably more so, it was great for him.”
With the great talent on this team perhaps they can reach the NBA Championship. Beating the defending champions is a good sign that this Celtics’ team is here to stay.

So far it seems Irving made the right decision to leave the Cavaliers. He is proving to many that he can be a superstar. This might just be Boston’s year to shine!

What are your thoughts on the Boston Celtics?

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