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Does Boston Have Enough Firepower To Dethrone the Cavs?

Hayward adding enough firepower? SaltCityHoops Via Flicker


Does Boston Have Enough Firepower to Dethrone the Cavs?

It looks like Boston fans are finally ‘Trusting the Process’ that General Manager Danny Ainge has put together. There was plenty of questions on what Ainge’s plans were exactly. People questioned why Ainge continued to trade after the team finished the season as the number one seed in the east. After drafting Duke forward Jayson Tatum, and bringing in Jazz all-star forward Gordon Hayward during free agency, it’s starting to feel like the Boston Celtics have enough firepower to dethrone LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jayson Tatum + Gordan Hayward – Avery Bradley = More Firepower

Although the Celtics have added Tatum and Hayward this summer, it came with a price. Due to cap space, Boston traded G Avery Bradley to the Detroit Pistons for F Marcus Morris. With this move and letting Kelly Olynyk go to Miami, the Celtics were able to create enough cap space to sign Hayward to a 4 yr/ $128 mil deal, while also getting a nice role player in return in Morris.

Coming off his first all-star game, Hayward adds another number one option to pair alongside Isaiah Thomas. He averaged 21.9 points per game while shooting 48 percent from the field and 40 percent from beyond the arc. His PER (22.2) and WAR (10.4) were also career highs for the former Butler star. While he might not be as good at defending perimeter players like Avery Bradley, one thing he will bring to the table is availability. Last year, Bradley missed 27 games due to injuries, and has been dealing with foot and ankle problems his whole career. So just being available to play and build chemistry with teammates will be an advantage that Hayward brings over Bradley.

As for rookie forward Tatum, he seems ready to contribute right away at the NBA level. His style of play seems to translate nicely into today’s league. He has a smooth jump shot, can knock down threes, and most importantly, can score in isolation. Like most rookies, Tatum will struggle with defensive schemes, but as the regular season winds down, he will be able to improve on the defensive end. With Tatum’s scoring ability, I see him being an important contributor off the bench this season.

To Conclude

In my opinion, I think the Celtics are right there with Cleveland atop the East. With the versatility their lineup brings, I see another successful season for Boston. They have a nice mix of veterans and young players that can feed off of each other and perform well together. And with reports that Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving has requested a trade, Cleveland is in all sort of disarray, not to mention their front office dysfunction for the past month. So there’s no better time than now for Boston to jump on this opportunity and take advantage of Cleveland’s struggles.