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What are Dwyane Wade’s Options if He’s Bought out by the Bulls?

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After just a single, turbulent season with his hometown team, Dwyane Wade’s time with the Chicago Bulls may be coming to an end. There is “widespread belief” that the Bulls will reach a buyout agreement with the Chicago native in the coming weeks. While the disappointing homecoming wasn’t what Wade had in mind when he signed with the Bulls, his days in the NBA are far from numbered. Wade, 35, is still a reliable ball-handler and scorer. He also comes with invaluable veteran leadership and poise. Here are four possible outcomes that could occur once Dwyane receives a buyout from the Bulls.

Cleveland Cavaliers

It seems like the Cavs are the first option for any veteran looking for a new team nowadays. Them or their rivals in San Fransisco, I should say. Wade fits with Cleveland for a few reasons. First of all, his former teammate and best friend LeBron James still runs the Cavs offense and their front office. A LeBron-Wade reunion would be special, albeit not the same as their original meet-up in Miami. With Kyrie Irving likely changing teams soon, Cleveland will need a new ballhandler. LeBron has handled ball-handling duties plenty of times in his career, but Wade is closer to a point guard than James.

Going to Cleveland could be a good option if Dwyane wants to get his fourth ring, although it’s not the only way he could make that happen. I could see Wade making a one or two-year pit stop in Clevland on his way back to Miami.

Houston Rockets

Another member of Wade’s Banana Boat crew, Chris Paul, already joined the Rockets this offseason. A second member, Carmelo Anthony, has been linked to reports of a trade between the Knicks and Rockets that could happen later this offseason. While it would be difficult for Houston to pull off getting Wade, Melo, and CP3 together with James Harden, man would it be fun to watch. If Wade joined either the Rockets or Cavs, either team would immediately become the biggest threat to Golden State’s quest to repeat as NBA champs.

I don’t see Wade to the Rockets being as likely as his other options. Perhaps it’s the fact that he has always played in the East. Perhaps it’s the fact that Houston already has an All-Star shooting guard in James Harden. Who knows though. Anything is possible, and this is more likely than other destinations, simply because of the possibility for Wade to play with Chris Paul.

Miami Heat (Dwyane Wade played for the Heat from 2003 to 2016)

Just picture it. A grand homecoming, the crowd cheering, “welcome home D-Wade” posters fill American Airlines Arena. As a Heat fan, it almost brings a tear to my eye. I’ll try and keep my expectations tempered until further notice. Udonis Haslem and Hassan Whiteside already expressed interest in seeing Flash back in Miami, but that doesn’t mean Pat Riley will. The Heat President left Miami fans infuriated after he refused to offer Wade more money after the 2016 season, which led to him leaving for Chicago. Riley hasn’t commented on Dwyane potentially returning to Miami. He did admit in November of last year that the Heat should’ve given the former franchise player the max contract that he deserved.

Wade teaming up with Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic, and Justise Winslow? Talk about a deadly combination of young talent and veteran leadership. Should Wade return to Miami, it would raise questions about Dion Waiters’ role with the Heat. I think Miami’s front office could overlook that controversy, especially if it means bringing the man responsible for leading the Heat to all three of their NBA titles.


D-Wade’s other option is retirement. It’s hard to imagine him hanging it up just yet, but it’s not impossible. With so many teams likely interested in his services, I don’t see the retirement route being likely. Wade is 35 though, and he’s fighting an uphill battle against father time. Losing Flash to retirement would be a huge disappointment for all fans of the game. Like I said, it’s not impossible, but let’s all hope that Wade thinks he has a bit more in the tank. It sure seems like does. Wade averaged 18.3ppg this past season and showed no signs of slowing down.

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