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Dwyane Wade and Chicago Bulls Agree to Buyout!

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Wade and Bulls Agree to Buyout

After playing just one season in his hometown of Chicago, the Bulls and veteran guard Dwyane Wade have agreed to a buyout on Sunday night, per the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Wade, who was set to earn $23.8 million this season is giving back roughly $8 million of his salary in the buyout.

Last summer, Chicago, and the 12-time all-star agreed to 2 year/ $47 million deal, with a player option after the first year. Prior to the 2017 NBA draft, Wade decided to opt-in for his second season with Chicago. Shortly after his decision, the Bulls traded running mate Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves on draft night, which implied that the Windy City finally bought into the idea of a full rebuild. This made the former Marquette star’s decision clear, that without Butler, he wanted his contract bought out by the organization.

Wade and Bulls Both Benefit From Buyout

The buyout that occurred September 24th gave both the Bulls and D-Wade reason for optimism. For Chicago, they can finally start the rebuilding process. After being a borderline playoff team for the last few years, the front office continued to try to hold onto the Derrick Rose-Tom Thibodeau era, when the Bulls were a perennial championship contender. But now the team can officially move on after parting ways with the Flash. The buyout will allow young players to develop and get more playing time. Chicago should be able to find a new identity within the next few years.

As for Wade, he now has a chance to be a valuable piece for a championship contending team. Wojnarowski reported last night that there are four teams vowing for Wade’s talents.

As of this afternoon, sources have reported that Wade is nearing a commitment with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Which team is the best fit for Wade? Find out in my next article!


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