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Robert Covington’s Struggles Are Not What They Seem

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Robert Covington’s Struggles Are Not What They Seem

No player embodies The Process more than Forward Robert Covington.  Then GM Sam Hinkie liked what he saw and gave him a shot. Covington is a rollover from Hinkie’s time with the Houston Rockets and has become a part of the Sixers’ plan long-term.

His shot has run cold and fans are starting to become worried. Robert Covington’s numbers should not concern the Philly faithful. Advanced statistics show he is still being productive.

It’s Not That Bad

Playing time has been plentiful in Robert Covington’s time in Philadelphia. During his three years with the team he has exceeded all expectations. To begin this season, he has been one of the league’s best 3 and D specialists.

As of late, fans are feel that the thrill is gone and he is regressing. He has been cold offensively, but hot defensively. Aside from below 40 percent shooting, steals, blocks, and assists were above his career averages in December. Standing back with his numbers during the team’s narrow defeats, the environment is also at blame.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Despite winning three of four to end December, the Sixers went 5-10 during the month. Many fans choose to blame Robert Covington’s lack of flashy play for their struggles. In the nine losses that he played in, they lost by just under six points per game.

To me, this means that there were plenty of opportunities in those games to win. Covington is not alone on the court. Strings of turnovers and poor shot selection plagued the entire squad during the month.  Many of these losses have stemmed from blown double-digit leads.

Only the Beginning

The point that I’m trying to make is that Robert Covington’s mistakes are not failures. I would imagine that he is harder on himself than we could be on him. His defense and leadership are more than enough.

Sixers fans should be at ease with how they have started the year. They are doing well thanks to roster stability and tough play. Just relax and Trust the Process.